Customer Testimonial
Bob Dahlke Jr. - Account Executive


The calendar looks incredible. You guys did an absolutely fantastic job all the way around, and you need to spread the word to everyone involved, particularly Frank. Also, the online version is amazing. Lee Ann and Meredith will go through to tweak the ads that need links and rotations, or other changes that might need adjusting, but what you have accomplished on behalf of the Y is nothing less than sensational. When people see this they are going to love it, and we will be making more money every year for the Y from this day forward because of this effort.
North Suburban YMCA

Strong Kids Calendar, 52 Page + Cover 8.5x11 Page Size
Cover: 5/4 (Process + Soft Touch / Process) Bleeds, 100# Flo Dull Cover
Body: 4/4 (Process) No Bleeds, 80# Dull Text, Saddlestitch and One-Hole Drill*

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