January 2006
VISOgraphic continues to grow its Prepress Department
by adding State-of-the-art Prinergy Evo Workflow
PRINERGY Evo software is a workflow solution for controlling prepress and plate production with outstanding performance and output quality. PRINERGY Evo software increases workflow efficiency and increases quality.

Selected features
and benefits:
• Uncompromised quality using Kodak STACCATO screening technology.

• Al
lows a prepress operator to create and use Workflow Templates which define a sequence of processing steps to produce more proofs & plates, in less time, with fewer errors, and with less manual effort.

• High-speed processing: proven PRINERGY software, refine technology is efficient, fast, and accurate.

• Advanced normalizing, color management, trapping and screening.

• End-to-end native PDF workflow.

• Flexible connectivity: output to popular proofing and computer-to-plate devices.

• Can use laser printers as a lower cost and higher speed contract proofing device.