March 2005
VISOgraphic Featured in Creo 2004 Annual Report
“Our Creo rep said ‘I want to help you differentiate and gain market share. If I put a Creo machine on your floor, you guys can do a million more in sales.’ He was right: we’ve done more than double that.”
John Dahlke, Production Manager
Visographic, Inc. Chicago IL. USA
Vital Statistics
43% $6.6 50%


100% 1-3
2004 revenue growth
million (US) 2004 revenue
productivity increase attributed to fully automated Creo system
new prepress staff required
by growth
Staccato® screening
day typical job turnaround
Creo plate used: Positive Thermal Plate (PTP)
Visographic Inc.
Visographic is a long-established printer in the Chicago area. Creo counseled them to attract business through quality differentiation. As a direct result, they have grown 43% in a single year—and they serve this expanded client base without any increase in staff.

Creo innovation gives our customers a competitive edge
Creo has been a major force in driving an entire industry’s shift from analog to digital technology and our computer-to-plate systems are the standard for successful printers. In this competitive market, Creo is strongly differentiated. Not only do we offer market-leading equipment, software, consumables, and service, but we also partner with our customers to ensure that they can extract the greatest value from their investment.

Our customers include many of the most successful printers in the world. They rely on our innovation to help them maintain profitability as their businesses face intense competition, shrinking profit margins and pressure to keep improving quality, speed and service. Our customers credit their ongoing success directly to our understanding of the industry and the innovative solutions we produce. The majority of our research & development effort is devoted to sustaining the leadership of our product lines and ensuring that our customers have a path to continued productivity improvements. In North America, over 75% of our revenue comes from existing Creo customers who are upgrading and improving their competitive capability. Creo technology helps our customers differentiate
Creo technology helps our customers differentiate
Printing is a very competitive business. Those who are committed to long-term success are always looking for ways to grow their business and increase their efficiency. They compete on advantages other than price, while streamlining their business process to enhance their bottom line. Creo technology provides these businesses with the added value and differentiation they need to thrive.